Friday, October 20, 2017

Real Beauty Starts at Home

The most important beauty routines begin before any clothing or cosmetics go on. The regimes and techniques performed in the privacy of your home are like retreating to your own personal spa. Every woman should have an area in her home that is entirely hers. It will become a welcome retreat where you can feel and look beautiful and restored, a place to take a vacation without actually taking a vacation. Try the tips below, and come up with your own favorites.

Soak away your troubles.
Relaxing in a tub nightly for even as little as ten minutes can reduce stress and anxiety which unfortunately shows up on the face, soothe tense muscles, and can even ease depression. Why would you miss out on this free and easy beauty enhancer?

Bath or Shower?
If possible, replace the rushed morning shower with a leisurely nightly soak in the tub. Light scented candles, put on your favorite music, and let the beauty enhancements begin.

Benefits of Bathing:
Relieve menstrual cramps with a soothing bath.
Bathing has been known to lift depression and aid sleep

Watch the Temperature
The water in the tub should be warm and comfortable, but not extremely hot. Water that is too hot drains energy, rather than restores it, and can dry out skin.