Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Travelling for Business

You don't have to remain a prisoner of the mini-bar or restaurant pudding trolley. Prepare for your food the way you would prepare for your trip. Plan ahead and pack well.

Before you go, buy some wholesome foods you can take with you on the plane, train, car or bus. Portable snacks such as crackers, nuts, and seeds, a sandwich, and dried or fresh fruit can fit into everyone's food life.

Pack a meal as if you're taking lunch to work. Any food you take along will be much better than the food available on the train or plane. Or ring ahead to ask for a vegetarian or hearty- healthy meal, if available.

Avoid the mini-bar in your hotel room because it's there to tempt you, and you make you spend too much on small indulgences. If you can't resist, give the key back to the main desk. Or ring ahead or ask the receptionist to get the mini-bar emptied out for you. Then fill up the empty space with healthy snacks such as yogurt, low-fat cheese, mineral water, and fruit. If the buffet is too tempting, stick to room service, especially at breakfast.

Make fish your automatic selection when you eat out. Not only is it filling and nutritious but, if you're eating out a lot, you'll get to try a number of different types and preparation methods. Order vegetables along with your meal, which will also keep you satisfied.