Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Fits and Styles That Wow Every Woman's Shape

Once upon a time, jeans were the classic go-to in the average woman's closet. The main reason was because jeans are comfortable, easy to match with anything and very versatile. Nowadays, things are changing a little bit. Now, leggings are the new pair of jeans. Leggings hug the body just right. They are incredibly versatile. They come in a variety of colors. They're usually pretty inexpensive to purchase. As if all of those traits weren't enough, leggings are quite possibly the most comfortable pants to wear on the planet. There may be some people who struggle to figure out how leggings can actually work in their everyday life. Well, consider these options.

1. Workout
A workout in jeans isn't quite a workout worth documenting. Jeans can often be restrictive and difficult to really work in even if they are stretch jeans. Whether a woman is in the middle of a serious spinning class or running a couple miles on the treadmill, the last thing she needs to be concerned with is her clothing. Leggings are the perfect workout gear for a woman who is preparing to break up a serious sweat. Leggings are usually made out of breathable cotton and allow for ventilation and absorption of sweat. They are also comfortable enough for a good session of Pilates or Yoga as well.

2. Casual Chic
Many women struggle with the desire to maintain a level of casual comfort while still looking polished and presentable. Many girls wear leggings around the house and while that is fine, there are many who don't want to be caught dead with leggings on outside of the house. There are a few ways around this. The Sofra leggings are a versatile pair that comes in various colors, but also come in a jean form. They look exactly like jeans yet they feel exactly like comfortable leggings. The jean style comes in both the classic blue jean design as well as a black jean style. A woman can wear jeans with anything. The same applies with jean leggings. One of the wisest ways to wear these comfortable pants is by wearing a long shirt to cover the derriere. Sometimes, leggings can be a little unflattering when this area is exposed. For a more polished look, simply choose a longer top to go with it.

Because of their versatility alone, every woman must keep a comfortable pair of leggings in her arsenal. They're comfortable to wear and easy to match with anything. Those two reasons are enough for a woman to make a leggings purchase immediately!