Sunday, April 9, 2017

Where's the Sale?

Most major department stores have permanent sale racks or regular areas where they keep sale merchandise, though the sale rack or section may not be in plain sight. Not surprisingly, a store would rather have you pay full price. If a store does not have a sale section or rack, ask when their next sale will be. But if you are looking for any musical instruments like apollo twin, check it out at

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Children can surely be a handful at times – the constant nagging, whining and bickering that goes on during the wee hours of the morning, or perhaps as soon as you get home from work in the evening might lead to a significant headache at around dinner time. Usually children seek attention in various ways such as crying incessantly or trailing behind your back.

While you’re pestered and can’t think of anything exciting other than just taking a drive to your nearest and favourite restaurant or spending the night at Grandma’s, we at Family Funtures, have just the solution for your woes as we bring you the top 3 ways to spend a fun-filled, thrilling and exciting weekend with your family, and that too ensuring peace and contentment.


The moment you realize that your children wouldn’t stay put within the vicinity of a dull crib or let’s say, a dull playpen with dolls similar to Annabelle or Chucky’s wooden horror in disguise, take a drive to the countryside after packing a picnic basket with plenty of fruits such as watermelon, lemonade, fried chicken and spaghetti with plenty of meatballs.

While you’re thinking that this would be a boring picnic like all the others you had at your nearest cove, Family Funtures has something unique and special planned for all of you. While you’re planning for a picnic the following weekend, gather all the rocks you can see in your backyard, rinse them thoroughly and dry them.

After covering each rock with decoupage glue (for instance, Mod Pudge), wrap them with printed papers, patterned sheets, decorative buntings or abstract pieces of cloth. Put these rocks and stones on the picnic blanket as paper weights or play hopscotch with them after a fulfilling picnic.


While you’re mixing up a batter of your chocolate chip cookies, invite your children into the kitchen and let them play with the dough. To spend a fun-filled and productive evening, wrap your children with aprons and listen to Mary Poppins ‘Just a Spoon Full of Sugar’ while you let your children mix eggs and whisk the batter for their self-made recipes, like oatmeal raisin cookies or any other. You can also bake a couple of cakes and squeeze oranges for orange juice or make the tallest milkshakes your children have ever seen. Be open to their judgment and add various toppings such as nuts, sprinkles or chocolate shavings, ice cream scoops and plenty of chocolate syrups. Make it worthwhile their time.


While finger painting takes the cake, it is time for you to be more innovative with arts ‘n’ crafts. While you can paint each section of the children’s room’s wall with a coat of their favourite cartoon characters with their help, you can also plan out a fun masquerade and paint props and backdrops, and invite their friends to the little shindig.

This weekend, collect fallen leaves and flowers from your backyard and place them atop a sheet of paper along with paints and plenty of pastel crayons. Teach your children about the turn of the seasons by painting the leaves in different shades. Paint the flowers in different shades, and draw similar cut outs with their help onto paper and string the petals in their bedroom – stretching from one corner to the other – with the help of colourful strings.

Arts and crafts open an entirely new frontier for us and toddlers both. You can administer glow in the dark lights in their rooms and place them in little transparent vases with artificial flowers. You can also go to a community service center and teach them about serving humanity and encourage the feeling of care and responsibility in them. Take them to prehistoric exhibits or the Egyptian exhibits at the museum – learning about dinosaurs and mummies always create interest in children.