Thursday, February 16, 2017

Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for You

It is no accident that buying a mattress is so complex. Manufacturers issue the same mattresses under various model names, making it difficult to compare prices. But there is a way.

Use the manufacturer's name and the mattress type, along with coil count and wire gauge, to make sure you are comparing prices on the same product.

Coils provide support, look for a coil count of 400 or more. Ample padding is important for comfort. A good mattress should last 10 years.

When you shop for mattress, make sure there is a return policy. Most reputable mattress stores have a 30-day return policy, although it may not always be advertised.

Take your time trying out the mattress. It takes lying on a bed in one position for five to seven minutes to know if you'll be comfortable sleeping on it.

Photo source: Uratex Foam