Thursday, December 8, 2016

Easy Ways to Save and Stay Cool This Summer

While having an HVAC system in your home lets you enjoy warm or cool air with the touch of a button, those systems can also add thousands to your annual budget. You'll also notice that your heating and cooling bills change too. When summer starts, you might cringe at the thought of your next electric bill. As much as you want your family to feel comfortable, you also want to save some too. That is why you should look at some simple ways to stay cool that will help you save at the same time.

Make Your Own AC

Making your own AC unit lets you stay cool without facing expensive electric bills. All you need is a large bucket, a fan and dry ice. You use a large plastic bucket with a lid. Drill holes around the top edge and around the sides. Fill with a block of dry ice, place a fan face down on the top of the bucket and plug it into an outlet. The fan will circulate over the dry ice and push out the cold air while pulling in some of the warmer surrounding air.

Rent an AC

Portable air conditioners use less energy than window and wall units do. These units also let you decide where you want cold air. Most come with wheels on the bottom that let you easily move one from room to room. While you may not have enough money in your budget to buy a portable unit, you can look for a portable air conditioner rental in your area. Companies actually let you rent one or more units for use in your home and will arrange for delivery. The company will pick up those units at the end of the season too.

Use Fans

Using fans can help you save money and beat the heat too. Instead of using box fans that you aim directly at your body, place a box fan in your window with the front facing outside. This allows the fan to pull the warm air out of your home, which will help on hot and humid days. You should also look for upright fans that have automatic timer settings. Those settings let you automatically turn the fan on and off based on the temperature and other factors. Renting an AC, making your own AC and using fans can help you stay cool and stick to your budget.