Wednesday, December 7, 2016

To Protect Yourself from Vacation Disaster

Consider your need for two kinds of vacation insurance when booking an expensive trip.
Trip cancellation insurance covers nonrefundable fares and deposits if for some reason you can’t make a planned trip.


• Examine policy exclusions, such as for preexisting medical conditions that might prevent you from collecting.

• Buy insurance from a party other than the tour operator that books your trip, if it goes broke, you may lose the insurance, too.

 • Use insurance only to protect significant expenditures. Airline tickets and hotel reservations usually can be “rebooked” for a small penalty fee, so they don’t justify the expenditure for insurance.
Travel health insurance covers medical costs incurred outside your country. Most private insurance companies don’t cover such costs and even when they do, you probably wouldn’t want to be stranded abroad waiting for reimbursement.

Anyhow, my cousin in Canada sent me their beautiful photos again. She said, it was spring time when they took these photos, but they called it “Icy Spring” because of this beautiful icy thing that you can see in the surroundings. I so love the photos, so I thought of sharing it here on my blog. I hope you like these photos to as I do.

Isn't it beautiful?

Below is my cousin and her only child.