Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation

Whether you're headed to the temples of Kyoto or the lights of Vegas, you'll definitely enjoy it more if you aren't blowing an entire year's salary on your trip. Here are just four tips for traveling on a budget.

1. Be Smart About Travel Insurance

Compare and contrast agencies before purchasing travel insurance. Look for discounts offered to students, seniors and frequent flyers. Take advantage of special packages that include things like medical insurance bundled with cancellation insurance.

2. Visit at the Right Time

It's important to avoid tourist season while traveling. Not only will you miss the crowds, but you'll also save money because no prices will be inflated by stores and vendors looking to cash in on the extra business.

3. Pack Lightly

Baggage fees can really add up when you're flying internationally. Learn how to "roll" your clothes like flight attendants do so you can take just a carry-on bag instead of checking your luggage. You'll save time, money and space.

4. Research Before You Go

Most tourist attractions have some kind of fee for entry or visitation. Instead of being surprised at the door, do your homework well in advance so no expensive monuments or theme parks will bleed you dry in a strange land.

If you love traveling but hate the expenses involved, these are just four easy ways to save a little money on your next trip