Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bringing Out The Personality

If you have a teen girl in the home, then you know that the ideas for the girl's bedroom can change in the blink of an eye. There are a few popular renovation ideas for teen girls that can help them to express their personality in their own space. You want to start by changing the easiest things in the room, such as the paint or the floor if you want to remove carpet in exchange for a wooden floor or if you want to add carpet in the room. After you've got the larger details out of the way, you can begin looking at the fun designs that girls can use to renovate the room. Find contractors near you today who can help you with the finer details, such as the electrical work if it needs to be updated or replacing windows for a newer look in the room.

If your daughter enjoys bright colors, then consider adding a large fur rug and a bubble chair that hangs from the ceiling. The chair should be clear so that she can add a cushion of any color that she likes to match the room. With the bed and a few other accessories, such as pictures on the wall with fun phrases and brighter details, your daughter can enjoy spending time in her bedroom while being uplifted by the cheerful colors.

Another idea is to add a large neon sign with a special phrase above the bed. This will give a lot of light to the room while showcasing the personality of the teen. Colorful pillows are also an option. You can mix sizes so that the room looks like it has depth, or you can use pillows of the same size on a window seat for a softer look in the room. Teens who like animals but who might not be able to have pets in the room might want to consider a fish bowl on the wall. You would mount the bowl on the wall with a sturdy base, filling the bowl with one or two fish and a few plants so that the bowl is an extension. It can help prevent a mess from forming on a dresser, and it adds a fun look to the room, especially if there is some type of light near the bowl as an accent. Add a chalkboard to one wall in the room so that your daughter can write messages, draw pictures and change the appearance of the space every day.