Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Replace Your Current Breakfast with a High-Fiber Cereal

If you don’t currently eat breakfast, this is like a double whammy to your food life. The body needs breakfast to kick its metabolism into gear for the day, if you don’t eat breakfast, you could be slowing your metabolism down by up to 5 percent. Furthermore, by not eating in the morning, you set yourself up for energy drain, mental fuzziness and lunchtime bingeing.

Fiber is a key to your good life for so many reasons: it fills you up. Keeps your blood sugar stable, helps relieve constipation and helps cut down on how much fat you eat. Fiber itself has no calories and is found only in plant-based foods, so when you’re eating a high-fiber meal, you’re automatically increasing your intake of the healthier stuff.

High-fiber cereal sticks with you, digesting more slowly than a bagel, to keep you satisfied longer. And never fear, today’s high-fiber cereals are not the prunes-and-wheat-germ fare of your parent’s generation, many are so tasty you’ll find yourself looking forward to your morning meal.