Friday, October 28, 2016

The Beauty of Beni Ourain Berber rugs

Berber rugs get their name from the Berber tribes of Morocco, who traditionally create the hand-woven carpets and textiles. Some say that the greatest rugs are those that originate from the Beni Ourain peoples from the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco. Although these rugs have usually been woven for durability and utility, they still serve a decorative purpose. Berber rugs with a thick pile are useful in snowy areas of the world, and rugs with a flat weave and light weight function perfectly in hot, arid climates. Members of some nomadic tribes use them for bed covers, sleeping mats, or even burial shrouds. Don't be surprised to find them even being used as saddle blankets. Moroccans are known to have been weaving their rugs and mats since he Paleolithic Era. The wool comes from the sheep that are at home in the Atlas Mountains and Rif Mountains.

Colors of the rugs and mats can vary from neutral shades, to really eye-popping colors. Backgrounds can be a bare field, or creations with designs that can be freeform, or simple geometric designs. Beni Ourain rugs tend to be dichromatic, rather than have a mixture of blazing colors. Larger cities tend to lean to common patterns, each having their own idea of what should be. Each region has it's own distinct most frequently used designs, which are passed from weaver to weaver, from teacher to student. In the coastal capital of Rabat, the carpets show diamond-shaped, and even floral, elements, all on a typical bare field.

In the 13th century, the long time Moroccan capital of Fes had over one hundred dye workers, and thousands of studios. Even so, Beni Ourain rugs tend to run to neutral colors, with ivory or white tones, and the hues of the darker interwoven lines are dyed naturally.

In the West, a popularity explosion occurred when furniture designers used these Moroccan rugs to "anchor" their displayed arrangements. When it comes to a comparison against the traditional Oriental rugs, they tend to have a little less elegance, yet they can fit into almost any modern Western d├ęcor. These rugs come in a variety of sizes, from small (240 x 115 cm) to large4 (310cm x 200 cm) , and can tie in to almost any color scheme. Many designers have used Moroccan Wedding Blankets as throws draped over the arm of a sofa or chair. When shopping for your own styles of rugs or throws, be sure to look for 100 percent authentic labeling. This can ensure durability and quality. Although what we love now may not be what we love in the future, these rugs have a timeless appeal.

No matter what room you're wanting to jazz up style points in, one of these beautiful rugs can help. Use one near the side of a bed, use one in a living room to show a cohesive seating arrangement in a living room, or use one in the bath, just for that luxurious spa feel. These rugs do ensure style, guaranteed.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Newspapers for Cleaning Windows

Over the years, there have been many opinions about which window wipers work best. Professionals do their wiping with natural-sponge applicators and rubber squeegees. Some purists feel the job is unfinished without the careful application of a good chamois leather. Yet others swear by yesterday's newspaper.

In a consumers test of newspaper used with an effective commercial cleaner on heavily soiled windows, it was found that newspaper is not very absorbent. It takes a fair amount of wiping and rubbing to clean and polish a window with it. Newspaper also blackens hands and leaves ink smudges around window mullions.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ensure Your New Home Improvements are Concrete Investments

In today's roller coaster of an economy, homeowners tend to stick to improving their homes as opposed to riskier investments. While it is true that almost any improvement on your home or property is a solid investment in the long run, this only stands true if your projects and improvements last for the long run. This is why more often, homeowners are choosing to add concrete additions to their homes and properties.

Concrete is a great choice for many projects and can last for the life of your home. Just like anything else in life, it pays to do a little research and know you're making the right choice. When looking at concrete contractors Dallas TX to help with your concrete improvements and additions, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Rule number one of any major decision is to do your homework. Never jump at the first pretty contractor with an impressive quote. Make sure you look at many contractors in the Dallas area and read a lot of reviews. One review can simply be a one-time thing, but several reviews can show a trend. This research also goes for looking at what concrete can do for you and your home. The days of concrete being left to a boring patio are long gone. Sure, you can still have an amazing concrete patio, but there some interesting interior design concrete installations available.

Believe it or not, concrete technology has come a long way and there are a wide variety of projects that can be handled with concrete these days. If a company has stuck with traditional concrete applications for a long time, be sure they are using the latest techniques in their processes. At the same time, be sure your Dallas concrete contractor can handle the workload and techniques your project requires.

You also want to make sure that your concrete contractor knows when concrete may not be the best solution. The truth is, we only live in our homes. We don't build them, so maybe our ideas may be better suited with a different material. A contractor should always be honest with you and not only think about making a buck.

In the end, your concrete contractor is like any other partner. You will need to trust them and know they will dow hat's best for you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Buying Cheaper Scrubs

When you work in the medical field, you will likely have to wear scrubs. These are pants and shirts that have pockets so that you can carry the important things needed during the day to work with patients. Scrubs also give a uniform appearance to the office staff and the nurses who work in the medical office or hospital. They give a professional appearance and can sometimes make patients feel comfortable around doctors and nurses.

Cheap scrubs are best if you quickly need clothing to wear to work or if you don't have a lot of money to spend. You can find scrubs that aren't expensive by looking online, at yard sales or at businesses that are getting rid of older designs and getting new ones in the store. However, if you have the money to get expensive scrubs, it's often best as these will be a little more comfortable since they are made with a better material. The cheaper scrubs are often made with materials that attract lint and don't come clean as easily as those that are made with a material of a higher quality. You will also have better movement while working with patients as some of the less expensive scrubs are stiff.

Cheaper scrubs often have a basic design compared to some of the more expensive ones that are a little more trendy. If the employer doesn't mind a simple look, then going cheaper is an option. However, if you work in an environment where you know employers are looking at the staff and where the other workers have better clothing, then you might want to spring for a few expensive scrubs so that you'll blend in and feel confident around others.

The design of cheaper scrubs often features a v-neck or a neck that has a square design. You can often wear a shirt underneath the scrub top, especially in the winter, so that you're comfortable. As long as the design of the neck isn't revealing, then it really doesn't matter in most places of employment about the way the neck looks. You do want to find something that has enough support so that you don't have to worry about tearing while working with patients.

Replace Your Current Breakfast with a High-Fiber Cereal

If you don’t currently eat breakfast, this is like a double whammy to your food life. The body needs breakfast to kick its metabolism into gear for the day, if you don’t eat breakfast, you could be slowing your metabolism down by up to 5 percent. Furthermore, by not eating in the morning, you set yourself up for energy drain, mental fuzziness and lunchtime bingeing.

Fiber is a key to your good life for so many reasons: it fills you up. Keeps your blood sugar stable, helps relieve constipation and helps cut down on how much fat you eat. Fiber itself has no calories and is found only in plant-based foods, so when you’re eating a high-fiber meal, you’re automatically increasing your intake of the healthier stuff.

High-fiber cereal sticks with you, digesting more slowly than a bagel, to keep you satisfied longer. And never fear, today’s high-fiber cereals are not the prunes-and-wheat-germ fare of your parent’s generation, many are so tasty you’ll find yourself looking forward to your morning meal.