Friday, August 5, 2016

Creating Family-Friendly Backyard Spaces

You may have a large backyard space and not have a clue how to make it functional, trendy, and family-friendly at the same time. It may seem like a task that never ends, but making smart materials decisions and carefully laying out the space in a design plan does help. You should consider taking trips to home improvement and landscaping store to get ideas regarding ideal materials for your specific area before making concrete decisions.

Barriers around Water Features and Pools

Anytime you have a water feature that has a little bit of depth, or are planning to install a pool and/or hot tub, it needs to have a barrier around it. The barriers should have a key lock that is not reachable by any of your children. It should also be unclimbable and unable to be squeezed through for safety. Choose a design for the barrier that matches the design theme of the space.

In regards to Jacksonville backyard water features, choose an option that recycles its own water supply for efficiency. When lighting is included, it makes the feature more usable in the space. Combining water and fire features is even more dynamic for your space. You can create a wide rock barrier to protect your children from falling into the feature.

Smooth Ground Surface Materials

The materials that you use for the ground surfaces should be smooth or child-safe. This includes using grass rather than astro-turf or desert landscaping materials. You should also consider natural stone, flagstone, or slate rather than bricks which can be rough on the exterior. These surfaces will be safer for your children to be active on.

Ample LED Lighting

Lighting is important. LED lighting is cost effective. It also provides a brighter, whiter light for your space. Consider combining solar powered and LED lighting options in different areas of your backyard space for varied effects. Solar powered options are ideal for walkways and planted beds. LED options are ideal for activity spaces, cooking areas, pools, and sitting areas.

A family-friendly backyard space does not mean that your furniture has to be plastic with rounded edges or the activity space requires sand. Add elements that every member of the family can enjoy. If you have a large enough space, include an adult seating area and a separate kids' seating area so that they feel important. The space should be made functional for multiple types of gatherings and activities so that your family thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors.