Monday, July 18, 2016

Food for the Family

What about leftovers?

There are times when we cannot avoid having leftovers. When a member of the family fails to come home at mealtime or when the family decides to eat out during untimely occasions when food has been prepared at home, food may be left over for the next meal. To throw away the food is a waste. But what can you do with that?

No need to be discouraged. When a little ingenuity and imagination any leftover food can be used for another meal. The important thing to remember when dealing with leftovers is to change their form. A dish of reheated vegetables tastes flat and is devoid of appetite appeal. But wash them and make them into a golden omelet and you something for the family.

You can do something mashed or sieved vegetables. You can turn them into soups, croquettes, or fritters. Starchy vegetables such as legumes and cereals as well as paste foods like macaroni and noodles lend themselves to such dishes as loaves, dumplings, or roast.

Some good amount of baked beans might be converted into a fragrant brown roast with tomato sauce or any favorite sauce for topping.
Add cooked macaroni to chopped peanuts and you have delicious stuffing for peppers or cabbage.
leftover cakes might be combined and used as topping fruit salad or base for pudding and may be mixed with dry cereal like granola.

Two-day-old fruit pie can be heated and then broken into pieces topped with a mixture of fruits and nuts and served with while mild.

Do you have some ice cream which is losing its from and looks? Whisk it lightly and add milk; you'll have a nourishing, frothy milk shake.
seasoning is important in making new dishes from leftovers. don't; be afraid to experiment with new herbs and seasoning. Recognize the value of garnishes. Accompaniments play their part in making leftovers attractive. If you do the right thing with leftover foods, you need not apologize for them.