Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ceramic Fiber Insulation

A firebox in a stove emits fire, which produces heat. A wood stove controls the heat direction and prevents the firebox from having direct contact with the top of the stove. An important component of a wood stove is a baffle. Some wood stoves contain a ceramic fiber blanket between the baffle and the top of the stove.

Baffles control how a stove works in more ways than one. Besides creating a barrier between the fire and the top of the stove, they direct smoke and gases towards the stovepipe. In addition, the baffle helps to create secondary combustion inside the stove, which makes the stove more energy efficient and prevents smoke from coming out when the stove door is opened.

You should be cautious when operating wood stoves, because they are aligned with fibers that emit toxic emissions when exposed to heat. If you regularly operate wood stoves, it is advisable to wear a mask or take long breaks after operating the stove.

Other Considerations
Intense heat produced inside a stove eventually weakens the baffle. Therefore, you should regularly check the condition of your baffles to avoid compromising the efficiency of your stove. In addition, buy your baffles from recognized dealers to avoid counterfeits.

How to Make an Old Wood Burning Stove More Efficient
Many people in the U.S. use wood stoves to warm their homes. However, the downside of using this type of stove is that it loses its energy efficiency with continued use. Fortunately, there are a few ways of restoring the energy efficiency of your wood stove.

• Use a fan to circulate the heat - If you do not have it, consider buying one from a nearby home improvement store. Place the fan next to the wood stove and turn it on to distribute warm air from the burning stove.

• Burn seasoned dried firewood - Dried firewood burns much more efficiently than wet firewood that loses heat before it dries up.

• Burn hardwoods instead of softwoods - Unlike softwoods that burns much faster and equally loses heat fast, the dense nature of hardwoods enables them to release heat gradually for longer periods.

When operating your wood stove, stick to using wood all the time. Any other material like garbage or plastic not only produces unnecessary ash but it also dampens the flames.