Friday, May 6, 2016

Three Ways to Restore Your Old Driveway

Many of the driveways found in American homes today feature a concrete base with a surface made from asphalt poured over the concrete. While the combination of materials is strong, Midwestern winters can wreak havoc on those areas. Concrete often suffers damage because of the freeze and thaw cycle that occurs when the ground freezes, warms back up and then freezes again. Moisture trapped inside the driveway will expand and contract to form chips, cracks and other types of damage. With companies that offer services like sealcoating in Minneapolis, you can get help restoring your old driveway in a few different ways.

Add a Seal Coat

Adding a seal coat is one of the best ways to prevent further damage and to restore the surface of the concrete. Sealcoating refers to a process that asphalt contractors do that involves them pouring a new layer of asphalt over the concrete. They can do this on both pure concrete driveways and those with an asphalt coating. The contractors will take the time to prepare the surface first, remove any significantly damaged areas of the surface and ensure that the new asphalt dries evenly.

Paint the Surface

After a particularly long and harsh Minnesota winter, you might walk outside in the spring and find that your concrete is still in relatively good condition but looks battered. This may occur because the salt and other chemicals from your car and tires ate through the surface of the concrete but did not damage the overall structure of the driveway. Adding a few coats of paint to the concrete can make the driveway look great again, but make sure you use primer first. Concrete is porous and will absorb much of your paint. You'll also want to seal the surface with a clear coat too.

Opt for Stamped Concrete

When you want a more decorative looking driveway, nothing beats stamped concrete. With stamped concrete, contractors actually build a wood mold around the driveway, pour the concrete into the mold and then stamp the pattern or design that you chose into the surface while it is still wet. They can even color or dye the concrete to look like stone, brick or other materials. With the help of asphalt and concrete contractors, you can completely restore the look of your old driveway with stamped concrete, a seal coat or some paint.