Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Three Ways to Keep Kids Happy on Long Road Trips

The family road trip is something of a rite of passage. While you can always hop on a plane and reach a city on the opposite side of the country in just a few hours, there is something fun and unusual about taking a longer road trip. If you ever spent any amount of time in a car with your kids though, you know that they get bored fast. Whether traveling to a nearby state or across the country, you can keep your kids happy on that long road trip.

Plan Frequent Stops

Do you remember taking road trips with a parent who wanted to stop just a few times a day? Unless it was a bathroom emergency, your parents probably kept the car on the road. Part of the fun of taking a road trip is seeing the sites along the way. Sit down with a map of the route you want to take to find fun activities to do along the way. You might stop to fish at a state park, check out the world's largest ball of twine or view an old ghost town.

Keep Them Comfy

When your kids feel more comfortable in the backseat, they'll complain less. Give them the chance to pack their own backseat bags with anything they want to bring from home. They can bring some of their favorite books or toys with them. Make the backseat a little more comfortable too with the addition of a few pillows and blankets. When your child has the best blanket ever, you may not hear any peeps coming from that seat.

Offer Activities and Games

No matter where you plan to travel, you'll likely come across a stretch of road with little to no distractions or stops. Kids don't want to spend hours sitting in the car with nothing to do, which is why you should offer some fun games and activities. Give each child a list of items they can see on the side of the road to have an in-car scavenger hunt, or play a simple game of license plate bingo. Bring a charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter to keep their phones and tablets charged too. Keep your kids happy and content on any road trip with frequent stops, fun activities and a comfortable backseat filled with their favorite things.