Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Right Bedding

The importance of tight-fitting crib sheets has alredy been covered, but what should the sheets be made of? There are two schools of thought on this subject.

One school of thought holds that you should buy only flame-retardant sheets that have been specially treated. Certainly, these are a softy-conscious choice. But are they the best choice?

There is another school of thought that says they aren't, for two reasons. To begin with, flame-retardant sheets are chemically treated, and studies have found the chemicals used to be carcinogenic. In addition, these sheets are usually made either partially or completely from artificial fibers such as polyester. Those cute decorated sheets with favorite cartoon characters or circus themes on them are certainly adorable, but read the label. What are they made of? Artificial fibers do not allow the skin to breathe. Rather they trap moisture, whether it's your baby's perspiration, urine, or any other moisture, leaving your baby hot and sweaty instead of cool and comfortable, even in weather that might not normally cause him to become overheated. One hundred percent natural fiber sheets, usually cotton are a much better choice.

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