Thursday, February 4, 2016

Are you calamity-ready?

Preparing for the next calamity is something a mom like you should seriously consider. Electricity, cell phones and the internet have always been a part of our daily lives. But what if everything shuts down in the face of natural disaster…what will you do next? That’s why it is key that you and your family know beforehand what to do. Knowing in advance would minimize panic and last minute preparations

But where do you even start? What should you consider first? What supplies should you gather? Questions like these may be popping in your head already. But don’t worry! Listed below are the things you need to know and do before disaster hits.

Calamity Assessment

Determine what type of calamity will most likely occur in your area. For example, if your house is located near the creek, then you’re most likely prone to floods or water overflow triggered by heavy rains. By zeroing in on the possible calamities your area may be prone to, you’ll be able to decide what supplies you’ll need and in what quantity you will need them.

Explore possible shelters

Scout around your area for potential safe houses that you and your family can temporarily run to in case your house gets damaged. Instruct your kids how to go there in the event that you get separated from each other.
Store up supplies
Here’s a rundown of emergency supplies and items that you should regularly keep inside your home.

• Water - Prepare at least 3 supplies of water per person; each person needs to drink at least half a gallon per day.
• Food - Store foods that are convenient and which the whole family can eat. Examples: ready-to-eat canned goods, crackers and biscuits, etc.
• Clothing - Set aside one complete change of warm clothing and shoes per person.
• Medicines
• Batteries
• Candles
• Flashlight and battery-operated radio

Create a Communication Plan

It is important to have a communication strategy among your family members.
Make sure that everyone has a complete list of all contact numbers from personal cell phones to office and school landlines, even contact numbers of places you commonly go to like the gym or a friend’s house. Don’t forget to include the numbers of your local police and fire station.

Don’t forget to stay calm, mom! Remember, panic will not get you anywhere! And your family will need your undivided attention. Just stay cool and execute the plans you’ve discussed as a family. You have prepared for this, so there’s no reason to be frightened. You can do it!