Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Alternative Energy for Homes

We have been experiencing a rotating power interruption since last month, and I have heard from the news that we will have this annoying issue until the end of this month. But I doubt it, because we are using a hydro power plant, which means, the source of the power plant came from the water or river. I know that the type of house I have can also effect the energy use of my home, and I was glad to find out of the steel building frame of my house to help with my energy consumption. The bad thing is, we are already experiencing the summer time, although summer is supposedly will start by next month. And now, because of this annoying "brownout"; others called it "blackout", my mom wanted to buy a solar power, because the solar energy is produced when the sun shines, and we have lots of sunshine here. I google it on the Internet about solar power and here's what I have found.

Solar energy is produced when the sun shines on photovoltaic panels. These panels hold semiconductors that use the sunlight to generate direct current electricity. Panels are rated in watts, based on the amount of electricity they can produce under ideal sun and temperature conditions. Customers can choose certain panels based on their personal electric demands. Panels are usually mounted on the roof, on steel poles, or on the ground. Local regulations or neighborhood covenants may dictate the location of solar panels. Mounting the panels on the roof requires using the proper supports. It may be necessary to reinforce the roof support to maintain safety and to be in compliance with local building codes. The Web site www.findsolar.com is a helpful resource if you are considering installing a home solar syatem. Beyong explaining monetary savings, the Web site also calculates the amount of greehouse gas, in carbon dioxide equivalents, that will be saved by going solar.

Now, we are waiting for my brother who lives in Canada, because he is our sponsor for having this solar system at home.

Note: Image not mine.