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Alternative Energy for Homes

We have been experiencing a rotating power interruption since last month, and I have heard from the news that we will have this annoying issue until the end of this month. But I doubt it, because we are using a hydro power plant, which means, the source of the power plant came from the water or river. I know that the type of house I have can also effect the energy use of my home, and I was glad to find out of the steel building frame of my house to help with my energy consumption. The bad thing is, we are already experiencing the summer time, although summer is supposedly will start by next month. And now, because of this annoying "brownout"; others called it "blackout", my mom wanted to buy a solar power, because the solar energy is produced when the sun shines, and we have lots of sunshine here. I google it on the Internet about solar power and here's what I have found.

Solar energy is produced when the sun shines on photovoltaic panels. These panels hold se…

Buying Land In 2016: 3 Trends To Look For

As we look forward to a new year, there are a lot of unanswered questions and areas of intrigue. This year seems to be a crucial year in our nation’s life, as this election could have a significant impact on the health of our nation. Putting politics aside, this year will also play a significant role when it comes to land acquisition.

While the housing and land markets have all made some form of recovery since 2008, it hasn’t been a consistent recovery around the nation. Certain geographic markets have performed vastly better than others while the type of markets have also seen different recovery. New construction has typically fared worse existing inventory. However, the focus today is on purchasing land in 2016 and the trends that are expected.


Farmland could have a crucial 2016. As it currently stands, many farmers are paying extremely high cash rents. According to a recent survey, many farmers are willing to abandon the high cash rents. With that being said, they won’t ab…


Live life to the fullest at 8 Spatial, a mid-rise condo community strategically located in Maa, Davao City. Wide courtyard to enjoy with spacious units and generous common areas, there’s more than enough room for the family to enjoy. This is modern urban living at a price easily within your reach.

Features and Amenities

Share countless bonding moments with family and friends at 8 Spatial’s amenity areas.
Swimming pool • Basketball court • Play lots and lawns • Courtyards

Site and Development Plan

More space to enjoy refreshing surroundings.
Take pleasure in a lower-density neighborhood with open spaces and refreshing landscapes.
Features seven mid-rise buildings on a sprawling 1.7-hectare property.

8 Spatial is the practical choice, offering 2-bedroom units
with open-plan layouts for larger livable areas. With more
space at no extra cost, you enjoy more savings that you
can use for your family’s future.

Floor Plan

More space to explore.

8 Spatial is located in Maa Road,…

Buying Land vs Buying a House: Pros and Cons

If you are looking to move anytime soon, it is important to know that your option are not limited to just purchasing an existing home. There are actually a few options you have. The first option was just mentioned, you can buy a house. Another option is to buy a lot in a development community where you get to pick your style, upgrades, etc. Additionally, there is the option to purchase land and build your house from scratch. It is actually more cost-effective than one might think.

With any purchase, buying a house or buying land comes with its share of pros and cons. To help you make the right decision, you’ll have to weigh these factors in terms of how important they are to you.

Buying a House

The first pro of buying an existing house, is that it already exists. For some people the idea of having to choose different styles, finishes, and upgrades is actually nerve racking. The home buying process can be stressful as it is, there is no need to pile on the amount of decisions that nee…

Kill Pests, Not the Environment

Pest problems can be very annoying and ruin your quality of life. They can also be quite dangerous if the insects that are causing the problem happen to be wasps or bees that can sting people. Mosquitoes can also be extremely dangerous because they have been known to carry the potentially fatal West Nile Virus. Therefore, infestations involving these insects must be taken very seriously and dealt with swiftly. There are many methods that can be used to solve pest problems. Some of these methods have proven to be much more effective than others. Here are some ways for you to find the perfect exterminator for your needs.

1. What type of chemicals do they use?

The problem with many pesticides is that they can cause as much harm to people as they do to insects. Needless to say, it is not a good thing to have a bunch of harmful chemicals in your home that you and your family will be breathing in for many days after the exterminator finishes his job. These same chemicals can also have an a…

Are you calamity-ready?

Preparing for the next calamity is something a mom like you should seriously consider. Electricity, cell phones and the internet have always been a part of our daily lives. But what if everything shuts down in the face of natural disaster…what will you do next? That’s why it is key that you and your family know beforehand what to do. Knowing in advance would minimize panic and last minute preparations

But where do you even start? What should you consider first? What supplies should you gather? Questions like these may be popping in your head already. But don’t worry! Listed below are the things you need to know and do before disaster hits.

Calamity Assessment

Determine what type of calamity will most likely occur in your area. For example, if your house is located near the creek, then you’re most likely prone to floods or water overflow triggered by heavy rains. By zeroing in on the possible calamities your area may be prone to, you’ll be able to decide what supplies you’ll need and …