Saturday, January 9, 2016

Window Type Air-conditioner

Yesterday, while I was inside at the grocery store, I remember to look for a window type air conditioner. So, when I was done at the grocery department, I headed to the second floor where the store appliance is located. The store was not busy when I got there. The salesmen were just occupied talking with each other, but as soon as I was in front of the appliance they were handling, they entertained me. I was just asking for the prices. The prices depend on the sizes of the unit you want to purchase.

The salesman was asking what brand of air conditioner I like. I told him any brand as long as when there is a problem, the materials are always available. He asked me what the size of the room is, so he can figure it out the size of the unit that will fit to the room for cooling purposes, and he also asked if I know the measurement of our window, etc., etc. Ha ha.. Since, I have no idea the exact measurement of the room, and the window size, I just made a simple description by pointing the area of the store. Well, the salesman was nice. He told me to measure first the window to avoid from buying an air conditioner that will not fit correctly. So, the next time I will come back, I should know the exact measurement of the window and the room as well.