Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Keep your basement safe.

Some houses have basement like my Aunt’s house. It was her daughter’s idea to put a basement. When you want to put basement in your house, you should be aware of disadvantages/advantages of having a basement in the house. You should have strong basement window security that can be safe from the intruders for this is near to the ground and easy to manipulate for the intruders. It must be good if the window is visible from the outside. You should also use a shatterproof glass window and not a weak glass that intruders can easily shatter.

Install a heavy security bars made of iron or steel for this are a great protection against intruders. However, you should install these bars in such a way that firefighters can still use the window in case of an emergency. It is also a good idea to put plants in front of the basement window, furniture or anything that can make noise whenever there is an intruder trying to enter the basement. Use a safety and reliable set of locks and keys and place it on the place where you can easily remember in case of emergency. Try also to put something on the glass window that can block the view so that outsider cannot see what is going on inside your basement. Glass block is also extremely strong and difficult to shatter. Be sure you have outdoor lighting and lit it in the evening. A dark place is always more likely to be broken into and use polycarbonate sheets for this is high resistance and virtually unbreakable. An intruder who will try to break in will definitely give up more easily.