Friday, January 29, 2016

Don't Throw Out The Old Tub, Just Refinish It

Let's face it: the two places most thought of when people consider when buying a house are the kitchen and the bathrooms. As such, those who are thinking in terms of selling their most expensive investment either now or in the future, are also thinking in terms of their return on investment (ROI).

There's only one problem: if it's an old-modeled bathroom, chances are there's a bathtub that has seen its heyday, so to speak. Gone are its original shine and luster. Perhaps, a gigantic and unsightly rust spot also often remains on the tub's surface.

However, today, thanks to the dynamics of the Internet, the days of throwing out the bathtub to replace with something more stylish, and costly, are gone forever. Quality specialty online web sites, such as CarolinasTubDoctor.Com, now serve the Carolinas and parts of Georgia and Tennessee.

Making it all the simpler and less costly to give your bathroom a new lease on life, a tub refinishing adds lasting value to your ROI; likewise, it'll appeal more to potential buyers as well.

When Should You Refinish?

When a bathroom becomes out-dated or damaged, when a tub, sink or wall tile chips, rusts, cracks or stains, then it's time to refinish.

What Is The Usual Process?

With no demolition being required, simply choose the matching colors of your preference. The process is entirely Eco-friendly and industry experts in fiber-glass refinishing make it impossible to tell the difference between a refinished tub and a new one.

Total time for refinishing is from three to four hours. Afterwards, there's a wait time of 48 hours before the tub can be used again.

What Is An Expert Refinish Job?

- It begins by removing all the old caulking and cleaning the tub's surface.
- Etching the porcelain using an acid etching comes next.
- After that, there comes a wet-sanding application process.
- Next, a new ventilation system is installed--after the bathroom area is masked for it's protection.
- Followed by a DuPont self-etching primer being used as a base coat, the finish comes next with four coats of finishing paint sprayed on for an ultra-high, glossy surface.
- Finally, the mask comes off, and a cleaned bathroom remains.

What Is The Bottom Line?

Typically, there's a $2,000 to $3,000 price tag when totally replacing a tub. If you simply use a liner, then you can calculate about $1,000 for a tub or $3,000 for a tub and a wall.

At $275 for a tub and $550 for a tub with three surrounding walls, you can plainly see why refinishing is the way to go for many people today.

There's no need to spend thousands of dollars for a new tub. Simply call for more information or visit a company web site, and schedule an appointment for a free quote.