Thursday, January 7, 2016

4 Tips for Reviving an Old, Neglected Family Business

When investing in an old family business, there is a certain amount of neglect to be expected. Buildings can get into bad shape quickly when they are abandoned or run down. Since most of these businesses have not seen regular upkeep, a few different commercial services will be necessary to get the business into good working condition for the grand re-opening.

Structure and Roof Inspections

If a buyer or inheritor is concerned about a property, inspections of the roof and skeleton of the building will help to establish the shape of the building physically. If a roof is leaking, immediate repair is required before the leaking water can damage the rest of the structure. Wood floors can rot quickly with continuous water exposure. The stability of the foundation, floors, and walls is important as well. A building should not be restored until the structure is found to be safe and sound.

Testing and Treating for Radon

Radon is gas that can become deadly; this is especially true for those who are exposed to radon over a long period of time. It is a naturally occurring substance that is found in the ground. When the gas rises, it invades nearly any structure that is above ground. Both homes and buildings can become victims of radon build up. If radon has been found inside of the business by a testing company or kit, commercial radon mitigation will help to make the business safe.

Pest Prevention

Old buildings are a safe house for thousands of pests. Mice, rats, spiders, roaches, ants, and even snakes will set up camp within an old structure. A reliable pest control company can set traps, spray for bugs, and investigate potential nests or hiding places for insects and pests. Creepy crawlies will quickly send customers in the wrong direction while attracting negative attention.

Stripping and Replacing Floors and Walls

Another dangerous substance that could be looming within an old business is lead paint. Lead is a highly toxic substance that was used in paint prior to the mid-1900's. Old paint should be stripped from the walls, with a fresh coat of primer and paint added. Flooring should also be replaced if it is found to be weathered or damaged. Flooring that is in bad shape could cause a customer to trip and fall, or it could simply be an eyesore for customers.

Restoring an old building is a lot of work. However, a beautiful family business can be crafted from a neglected structure. All one needs is a bit of elbow grease, hard work, and investment money.