Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Be Craftly

Every day, tons of trash come from our homes and offices and go into landfills, or even worse, find their way into rivers and esteros. One way to lessen the load on Mother Nature is to recycle a percentage of what we throw out, either by segregating newspapers, bottles and tin cans and selling them at junk shops, or by reusing these items by transforming them into useful things. This idea also works well with worn-out clothing, broken furniture, and even old gadgets.

Here are some imaginative ideas that are easy and fun to do for both adults and kids, from materials that we can rescue from the trash bin.

1.Baby food jars: You can turn these little cuties into votive candle holders for romantic candlelight dinners. You can cover them with wallpaper bits or gift wrappers and set some sand and pebbles at the bottom, then put tea candles on top. You can also clean them out, and hang them with different lengths of wire to use as an outdoor chandelier.

2.Odd bottles: There are many creative ways to use bottles, especially ones with interesting or unusual shapes. You can fill these up with layers of different beans, such as mongo and white beans, to use as a table centerpiece. You can also fill them with colored sand; fasten the lid and use as pretty bookends for your favorite author collection.

3.CDs: Scratched discs can be melted and molded using a hair dryer. You can form cool decorative bowls with your favorite design.