Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Provide Exhaust Ventilation in the Kitchen

There are two kinds of ventilation systems generally used for the kitchen, ducted and re-circulated. The best way to eliminate most of the smoke, smell and hot air that comes from this area is to use a ducted ventilation hood. This system uses a blower that sucks the air out from the kitchen, through the ducting, and blows it out to the exterior open space. The other, less effective option is the re-circulating hood. This systems sucks the air and then uses a carbon filter to eliminate the smell and then blow the air back into the kitchen space.

Most homes can accommodate the ducted ventilation system but some older condominium units may not have this provision which then limits the option to the re-circulated type. Before deciding on the system, check if the duct size required but the hood manufacturer can be accommodated in the available ceiling clearance space. If a duct size smaller than the required is used, the efficiency and performance of the blower will lessen significantly and may even cause back flow of air into the kitchen. Likewise, having ducting that has too many turns or is too long will also have the same effect.