Monday, November 9, 2015

A Husband’s Happiness and Marriage

Endorphin-Filled Husbands have Happier Wives

A recent study concluded that wives are less likely to feel the blues when their husbands are physically fit. This seems very logical since men who often engage in sports, gym classes, and other forms of physical activities are less likely to feel depressed themselves. The longitudinal study furthered that men are more sensitive to the feel-good effect of endorphins which are produced during exercise (Monin, et al., 2015). In fact, the psychologists involved in the paper elucidated that women tend to be more sensitive to their partners’ moods as compared to men. A happy husband has then more positivity to share with his wife. Yale School of Public Health researchers analyzed the responses of 1,260 couples for over 10 years. The study which was led by Joan Monin suggested that husbands’ active physical lives are specifically beneficial for the older married participants’ psychological health.

Husbands’ Good Health Lessens Marital Conflict

As a matter of fact, results from a University of Chicago research ascertained that women reported more conflict when their husbands experienced health issues (Pomranz, 2014). On the contrary, the male participants reported no distinct perceptions when their wives were in poor health. The study, which assessed the responses of couples aged 63 to 90, suggests that husbands’ physical fitness is highly valuable in lessening marital conflict.

Women’s Emotional Sensitivity to Environmental Cues

The aforementioned findings on females’ vulnerability to their spouses moods is backed up by the study of Susan Nolen-Hoeksema on gender differences and depression which expounded that women are generally more hyper-responsive to biological and psychological stress. Particularly, “women’s lack of social power makes them more vulnerable than men to specific major traumas” (Nolen-Hoeksema, 2001, p. 173). Hence, a wife who is regularly influenced and supported by a mentally healthy husband may likewise enjoy an emotionally vigorous relationship.

How to Make Your Husband Happy

Aside from physical activities, it is good to be aware of what women can do to help make their husbands’ feel better. Men typically want to feel valued. It is then favorable to let them know how much they are cared for, respected, and thought of. Like women, men also need to be accepted for who he is. Find opportunities to admire and boost their confidence. Furthermore, most husbands need to feel emotionally supported. Even when you feel angry, steer away from belittling words as these could potentially damage the relationship. As how the clichĂ© goes, behind a man’s success is a woman.

A Happy Husband and Wife Makes a Happy Life

All in all, both partners should strive to make themselves as well as their spouses healthy and happy. In distinct ways, men and women are sensitive to each other’s moods. Women are much more influenced by their husbands’ moods while men get much more satisfaction from reassuring wives. With sufficient efforts from both sides, a strong marriage can be optimally enjoyed. After all, a happy husband and wife makes a happy life.
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