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Windows 10 is Awesome.

As you may already know, Windows 10 is available now as a FREE upgrade to all current Windows 7 and 8 users. So, everyone is going to be able to upgrade to this incredible new operating system at no cost. Windows 10 takes all the strength of Windows 8 and combines it with the user-friendliness of Windows 7, including the best Start menu to ever sit on a Windows desktop. Upgrading to Windows 10 is a total no-brainer. If you are currently using Windows 7 or 8, there is a pop-up window every time you open your desktop or laptop. It tells you to reserve your slot for Windows 10. Once you have made a reservation for upgrading Windows 10, all you have to do is to wait for their email on how to upgrade your system. I have learned from friends that Windows 10 is awesome. However, there is still a staggering amount of sensational new stuff to learn, but don't worry, you don't have to be a tech person to follow all the instructions.

I Want a Bigger Kitchen

I have a small kitchen in our home, and I am not happy for it. I have a vacant lot just across from our house, and I was planning to build a house there in the future. My mother wants me to build an apartment type on that vacant lot and make it as a business. Her plan is good, but I need to work for it first because I have no budget for this yet. However, if I will build a house for me there, and Jason, my eldest son will stay in this house where we live right now, I will see to it that I have a big kitchen to my new house. On my free time, I searched for a kitchen design here on the net, and I found these beautiful kitchens. I only posted three kitchen designs but actually the site has plenty of it. I wish I could have a kitchen like on the photos below.

A Modern Kitchen

The kitchen remains the heart of the modern home, not simply functional area where food is stored, prepared and cooked, but also a social space where family members eat together, talk on the phone, finish homework, and entertain friends. Ergonomics should be tempered with atmosphere to ensure that the kitchen not only works well but also remains an appealing room in which to spend time.

A well-planned, fitted kitchen should answer all of your storage needs, providing enough organized space for food and drink, dishes, utensils, pots, and pans. It may also include space for extra high-tech, labor-saving machines and microwaves, and the miscellaneous items that always seem to end up in the kitchen, such as candles, batteries, and matches.

Ok, enough, enough, I am just dreaming an attractive kitchen this afternoon hahaha. I was cooking when I heard my kids watching a nice movie but I can’t watch it because I was in the kitchen. So, I told myself if only we have bigger kitchen, probably I’…

Shopping, postponed!

I supposed to go to the grocery store yesterday because our fridge is almost empty, but mother wasn't here in our home, and I didn't notice that she went out. I can’t go out if nobody will be left here, especially if Janjan, my youngest son still in the school. He can’t get in because he has no keys at the gate. It was almost 8:00 o’clock when mother got home. So, I postponed my shopping, and I wish I could do it tomorrow. I am also planning to buy red wine for me, but I will hide it somewhere because Janjan will drink it also. I know red wine rich in flavonoids are good for our health for it has antioxidant qualities, which help the body resist such maladies as allergens, viruses and carcinogens, and it also helps the body to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. So, cheers and have a glass of red wine in your every day lifestyle.  Have a great Sunday everyone.

Easy Organizing at Home

Keeping good records of all things related to your home and home repairs will save you lots of time, stress, and money in the long run. You may come up with a better system, but here is one that works for me: Get a large three-ring binder and divide it into the following four clearly labeled sections.

Section 1: Fixture or appliance receipts. This gives you the necessary information, date and place of purchase, model number, and so on, to order parts later on or take advantage of warranties.

Section 2: Repair receipts. This gives you a paper trail of the repairs done to the house and remind you who did the repairs. If anything goes wrong, you know who to hold accountable, and if everything goes right, you know who to call on next time.

Section 3: Owner's manuals for all appliances, fixtures, and tools.

Section 4: Notes on the colors, numbers, and manufacturers of the paint, wallpaper, and flooring in the house. The manufacturer no longer offers the color of the paint on my door m…

A Husband’s Happiness and Marriage

Endorphin-Filled Husbands have Happier Wives

A recent study concluded that wives are less likely to feel the blues when their husbands are physically fit. This seems very logical since men who often engage in sports, gym classes, and other forms of physical activities are less likely to feel depressed themselves. The longitudinal study furthered that men are more sensitive to the feel-good effect of endorphins which are produced during exercise (Monin, et al., 2015). In fact, the psychologists involved in the paper elucidated that women tend to be more sensitive to their partners’ moods as compared to men. A happy husband has then more positivity to share with his wife. Yale School of Public Health researchers analyzed the responses of 1,260 couples for over 10 years. The study which was led by Joan Monin suggested that husbands’ active physical lives are specifically beneficial for the older married participants’ psychological health.

Husbands’ Good Health Lessens Marital Conflict…

Things to Consider When Planning to Put up Bakeshop Business

Do you have it takes to open a bakery? Ask yourself the following:

Do you like baking? It is critical that you like baking because you will not learn the skills you need if you're not interested. Who will bake the bread if your workers suddenly decide to leave?

Are you willing to sacrifice to your time? Usually bakers or workers prepared the dough as early as 9:00 in the evening so bread would be available as early as 5:00 in the morning the next day.

Do you know your bread? There are two types of bread, the lean and the soft. Lean breads are European products that are hard, compact and crisp. The soft types are the buns, which are sweeter. Each type requires different methods of baking, so you must decide what type of business you want: a plain bakery, a bakeshop, or a combination of these. From there you can come up with the right ingredients, materials, and equipment to start.

The reason why I mentioned this thing, it is because I have planned to have my own bakeshop. There is …

Stylish Laundry Bags

I am so happy with my new stylish laundry bag. I bought these at the store where most of their merchandise came from China. It is not so big but enough to store more of our clothes. It has a lightweight and portable design for space saving. The material is breathable to ensure that it won't build up bad odor. My old laundry basket was also good, but since it is made of plastic material, some of the parts on it were already broken, and the color faded already, so I decided to buy a new one. I actually found other types of laundry baskets, and it also looks good, but I prefer this fabric style laundry bag because I can carry it like a bag to the laundry area. I just hope that it will last for years.

Sticking With a Budget

It can be difficult to save money or plan for emergencies. There are a few ways to make it easier to save money each month. A small emergency fund can be especially useful when unexpected expenses arise. A broken air conditioner or a flat tire can be stressful when money is not available to cover these mishaps. These suggestions can make these problems a bit more manageable.

Save First

One way to save money is to have it deposited into a savings account right away. Many banks are able to automatically draft money from another account. Use one account to pay bills, but keep another account that is strictly for emergencies. Determining a set amount to deposit into the separate account will be useful in making sure that the extra money stays set aside each month. It can be helpful to make a budget of all expenses and then decide what is left to devote to a savings account. Have this amount automatically put into a savings account so that it is not accidentally spent.

Reduce Expenses


How to Select a Logging Equipment company

Loggers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. They put their lives in danger on a daily basis. Fortunately, modern technology has developed a wide range of equipment which makes working in the logging industry safer than it has ever been before. That having been said, there are still enormous risks in this profession. Cutting down large trees that weigh thousands of pounds creates many unpredictable situations when disaster could strike. Having the right equipment can help a logger to minimize his risk of injury or death. Here are some tips about how to select a logging equipment company.

1. A stellar reputation for safety

It is not an overstatement to say that you will literally be putting your life in the hands of the company you purchase logging equipment from. This is why it is imperative for you to look into the background of any logging equipment company when you are considering buying their products. Find out if any of their equipment has ever failed during a job. I…

What to do on Friday Evening

Switch off from a long week and wind down for the weekend, calm your mind and forget your worries. Start by kicking off your shoes and playing some soothing music.

Prepare to do some gentle stretching. Emotional stress builds up in different muscles, and stretching will help to release the tension. Warm up for a few minutes by walking around the room, swinging and circling your arms.

Begin with an upper-body stretch, bend your knees slightly and bend forwards from the waist, linking your hands together and stretching them away in front of you. Hold for 10-30 seconds and breathe deeply.

Stretch your hamstrings by placing the heel of your right foot on the ground in front of you with your leg straight. Bend the left knee and lean forward slightly over the right leg. Hold for 10-30 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

Retreat to the bathroom, light a scented candle, try calming, refreshing orange, and run a warm bath. Add 2-3 drops of mandarin and 2-3 drops of Ylang-ylang essential oils…

Provide Exhaust Ventilation in the Kitchen

There are two kinds of ventilation systems generally used for the kitchen, ducted and re-circulated. The best way to eliminate most of the smoke, smell and hot air that comes from this area is to use a ducted ventilation hood. This system uses a blower that sucks the air out from the kitchen, through the ducting, and blows it out to the exterior open space. The other, less effective option is the re-circulating hood. This systems sucks the air and then uses a carbon filter to eliminate the smell and then blow the air back into the kitchen space.

Most homes can accommodate the ducted ventilation system but some older condominium units may not have this provision which then limits the option to the re-circulated type. Before deciding on the system, check if the duct size required but the hood manufacturer can be accommodated in the available ceiling clearance space. If a duct size smaller than the required is used, the efficiency and performance of the blower will lessen significantly …