Take a Look at What Your Office is Wasting

Here are some common ways to reduce waste in the office:

Reduce paper. Encourage employees to use electronic means to work and communicate. Make double-sided copies for handouts at meetings to conserve the amount of paer you use.

You will inevitably have to use some paper, so start a recycling program.

Choose your printer inks and toners carefully. Reuse and refill toners; recycle ink cartridges.

Reuse office equipment. If you choose to upgrade your computer system, you'll be left with fully functioning machines that still have a lot of life in them. Donate them to charities or give them back to your supplier instead of throwing them away.

Cut down on disposable products. If your business has a kitchen, cafeteria, or coffee machine, encourage employees to bring their own mugs and silverware.

Reuse boxes and other shipping and packaging materials. Reuse old envelopes for interoffice mail.

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