Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why am I dumber than a 6-year-old when it comes to working with the internet?

The answer is: You're not. Children aren't smarter when it comes to technology than you do. Children have two advantages over adults when it comes to using computers. First, they grew up with computers. A 6-year-old has never known a world without Web addresses and browsers and laptops. Navigating the Internet seems as natural to her as finding her wary around a playground. Think back to something that you knew as a child but your parents didn't. You probably seemed like a whiz kid to them, too.

Second, kids are not afraid of breaking things, including computers. You, on the other hand, probably view a computer as a complicated machine, and an investment of several thousand pesos. You tremble with the thought that pressing a wrong button could send that money up in a wisp of cybersmoke. Once you realize that it is practically impossible to actually break a computer by typing on your keyboard or clicking your mouse, you'll lose your fear and feel confident enough to play around on the net.