Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Walk-in Closet in the Bedrooms

Who doesn't remember the pleading of long-suffering parents to clean up your room when, as adolescents, mess was a bid for freedom and self-expression. Older and wiser, we now recognize that a bedroom benefits from an atmosphere of tranquility and calm and that it is difficult to sleep surrounded by an unruly din of possessions. Waking up in a clutter-free environment starts the day on the right foot.

You may be fortunate enough to have walk-in closets in your bedroom, in which case any extra storage can be provided by chests of drawers and the like. But in an older house, the closet space may be inadequate. The easy solution here is an armoire. Attractive ones can often be found in antique stores and in flea markets. But these tend to be awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture, difficult to maneuver in and out of rooms.