Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Save Energy When Heating and Cooling

Two of the biggest energy sinks in any home are the heating and cooling systems. However, there is always the completely organic solution for shading your house, planting a tree, or ask Columbus heating and cooling to install and maintain more efficient and use less energy system. They also accept repair on all brands of furnaces, either gas or electric, heat pumps and air-conditioners. Selecting the correct size system for your living space and choosing an efficient model are two crucial ways to save energy. You can save energy by cleaning filters, checking ducts for leaks, and installing programmable thermostats to adjust the times the house is heated and cooled throughout the day.

But if you could plant a tree in your yard, it could help you save your money too, because trees provide nature-made solar protection. Some trees are particularly useful in blocking the sun because of their height and shape. Some trees grow faster than others, so if time is of the essence when it comes to creating shade, plant a quicker-growing tree. It is important to choose a tree that is native to the location for optimal health and lower maintenance. If it is an option, retain as many of the existing trees as possible when building on a new lot. They will provide shade and have already proven themselves as being viable on the property.

Soil can also be an essential source for maintaining the temperature of a home. By building a home partially below grade, you can maintain a more moderate temperature year-round. The earth is usually cooler than above ground, so heating may be necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature in cold weather. However, because the soil provides insulation, the heat will remain in the house. When considering the design of a green home, you can work with contractors and architects who are energy conscious and will help you to achieve your goals.