Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Protect Your Gutter, Siding, Patio and Deck

So you want to get the best price on your house when selling it? The key is to stage it correctly and in such a way that it entices buyers when they look at it. You should make your rooms look and feel spacious and make them appeal to a range of potential buyers. The only problem now is getting them inside. This is when upping your curb appeal is a good idea. Here are a few tips for improving the exterior of your house with some outdoor staging.

Take care of the yard

Well-tended foliage acts as a beautiful frame for your home. Mow the front and back yards regularly and keep the trees and bushes pruned. Remove any trash, children's toys, gardening tools, and other unsightly objects that may clutter up the view. For much-needed color, add flowers that are in season so it borders your property.

​​Make visible repairs

You may have gotten used to the missing shingles on your roof, the torn screen on the kitchen window, or the crack on the wall under the eaves. But these are the first things that a potential buyer notices when he or she comes to your open house. They’ll overestimate the cost it would take to fix these issues and deduct those prices from the initial offer. They’ll also start to wonder if other repairs are needed that aren't immediately visible. Erase any doubts from their mind by repairing anything that you can immediately see on the exterior with a company like ​​Capital Construction Contracting Inc. Make sure that the fixes are invisible and professionally done.


A clean home looks newer and more desirable, so break out the sponges, soap, and rags and start making sure that everything looks spic and span. Hire a pressure-washing company, such as Renew Crew of Little Rock,to give your exterior walls, driveway, and paved outdoor areas a thorough once over. Such sparkle denotes good maintenance in the minds of buyers and makes them assume that you've taken good care of your property.

​​Create outdoor rooms

Show potential buyers that they're getting much more for their money by turning patios and other outdoor areas into rooms that extend their living spaces. Buy, rent or borrow new and modern outdoor furniture to arrange into pleasant groupings on your front and back patios. Set places at the picnic table for a party with friends and include a swing set up or playhouse in your expansive backyard so kids can have fun close to home.