Friday, September 11, 2015

Modern Bathroom - A Tranquil Haven

Invest in a heated towel rail and the fluffiest towels, softest robe and coziest slippers you can find. Always make sure that the room is warm before you take your bath. Purists who want the sensuality of wood or tiles under their feet do not have to compromise on comfort, you can always rip up the bathroom floor and install underfloor heating. Buy an extra-large shower head and have it fitted into the ceiling directly above your head (unless the ceiling is very high, in which case the water may cool too much before it reaches you).

Decorate the room with beautiful designed fittings and finishes. Enameled glass paneling is available that can be used instead of tiles on the floor and walls. Both mirrors and glass reflect light and create an illusion of space.

Tidy as much unsightly clutter away as possible and then make a feature of exquisitely designed body care products, jars of natural soaps, rows of simple glass bottles and utilitarian metal tins of bath salts. Chrome or plastic holders are aesthetically pleasing and convenient to use in a modern bathroom, while wicker baskets serve the same purpose in a more traditional setting.

Light scented candles to delight the senses and instill an aura of calm. Citrus scents like lemon and orange are uplifting, lavender and rose are calming, and marine notes are reminiscent of ocean breezes. These fragrances will restore your spirits and transport your mind to the peaceful countryside or a tropical island.