Friday, September 25, 2015

How To Organize Your Small Bathroom

Other bathroom items are better hidden away out of sight. The interiors of built-in cabinets can be customized to enable bulky items to be stored along with smaller items. Freestanding units provide a flexible solution for things that you want kept concealed and dry, since they can be positioned at the most useful location with the room.

Wall-hung cabinets are another option, particularly if they can be locked to keep cleaning products and medicines out of the reach of children, while a cabinet with a mirrored front makes a separate mirror unnecessary. Other wall-mounted fittings, such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes, help to keep the basin clutter free, while showers can be fitted with racks for soaps, sponges, and shampoos.

The plumbing usually determines the basic plan of a bathroom, leaving little flexibility in the overall design. If you are renovating a small bathroom, consider concealing the tank and plumbing behind a false wall fitted with concealed cabinets or recessed niches. The loss of floor space is more than outweighed by the gain of more storage, with the added benefit that any ugly pipework is hidden to give a more streamlined look to the whole room. Piles of clean, soft towels within easy reach of the bathtub or shower are a must in any bathroom.

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