Thursday, September 3, 2015

Built-in Storage or Freestanding Storage

Yes, I was planning to built a storage for my son's bedroom. His room is not big, and I am not sure on how to get the most out of his space. His bedroom function also as a study room, that is why I wanted to make a storage for his books and other school stuffs. I was thinking a built-in storage is better and more efficient than freestanding. However, freestanding is infinitely more flexible and can easily be relocated, removed or supplemented with other pieces.

This is what I want, a built-in storage for my son's school stuffs.

Smart storage is not about being obsessive or controlling, about keeping your drawers filed regimentally. It is about making intelligent use of space to free yourself from all that constant searching: from sifting shelves of turtle necks to get a bikini; from wading through piles of papers just to find an address. We are all time-hungry, and sorted storage buys us time. Our home won't just work better, it will look better, too. There will always be room for a little picturesque clutter, just don't it's victim. Storage is about streamlining, about adapting your space to accommodated how you live, not boring but beautiful.

Note: Photo not mine.