Monday, September 7, 2015

5 Decorative Gift Ideas

Do you dread the thought of buying gifts for people? Fear builds as you think to yourself: what if they already have it? What if they don’t like it? How much is reasonable to spend? If you find yourself asking these sort of questions, it may be time to break the mould and get them something that is completely different. Often the gifts that are the most unique are the ones that make the biggest impression. Have you thought of a more decorative piece that can go somewhere in their house? Here are some ideas to consider.

Get creative

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that have a personal touch. Many people find that home-made gifts are the most special and hold more significance. If you have to give a gift, why not make it yourself? Making a gift can either go extremely well, or horribly wrong, but the best part is that ‘it’s the thought that counts!’ Think hard about the person you are gifting and consider their likes; would they appreciate a thoughtful hand-made gift over something bought in a store?

Oversized china

Oversized plates, jugs, pots, and frames can make quite an impact in a room. While they are most likely not going to use any of these for their intended purpose (read serving dinner) they sure make a decorative statement. Why not gift something that will accentuate the home of the recipient? Search for complementary colours to show that you have been paying attention to what they like.

Photo collage

Personalised gifts can go a long way to winning the honour of ‘best gift.’ Photo collages are a great way to give a sentimental and highly decorative gift that will get continual use. Companies like Personalised Favours can create a range of personalised gifts that the recipient will love. These can be anything from statement pieces that adorn the mantelpiece, or practical gifts that are used every day.

Throw pillows

What’s more decorative than a set of brightly coloured pillows strewn all over the palely shaded couch? Similar to the oversized china, other homewares like throw pillows are a different type of gift that is both personal and practical. It presents a decorative touch and is something that will be seen and used every day. Pillows are soft and durable; who wouldn’t love the gift of comfort for a very long time?


The most memorable gifts can often be the weirdest. Perhaps you could gift the pleasure of a random sculpture, or a deck of cards with funny pictures. Odd items can make for great stories and decorative features for a specific room in the house. Consider the personality and taste of the recipient to ensure maximum enjoyment! Gifts from cigar cutters, to personalised cutting boards in an odd shape can go a long way to making the recipient’s day.
Most people will not fault you when they are receiving something they never asked for, but consider the person you are buying for. Merge what you like and what they like together and go from there!