Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5 Benefits to Using Microfiber on Laminate Flooring

Microfiber has grown into a global product with a variety of uses. Not only do many people consider it a superior material for blankets and towels, there are also a lot of benefits to using it as a cleaning solution. When it comes to laminate flooring, not many products can be used without indirectly causing damage. Microfiber may be an effective alternative when cleaning this type of flooring.

Wet or Dry Mopping

Some types of laminate flooring have dry-mop requirements. This means you can't splash water on the surface as you can with other floor types. Microfiber mops can be used to efficiently clean a surface regardless if you use a lot of water or not. There is more contact on the surface of a floor due to how microfiber is manufactured. Many small follicles are utilized in order to pick up as much debris as possible as a wet or dry mop.

Static Cleaning

Microfiber has been found to be incredibly efficient as a way to pick up dust, pet hair, dirt and other debris found on a laminate floor. Particulates become attracted to the material - often because of static electricity when used as a dry mop.

Less Strain on the Back

Microfiber weighs less than many traditional cleaning materials. Even if the mop is wet, it still possesses ergonomic comfort. The less work your body has to do when cleaning the floor, the more efficient you become.

Complete Coverage

If there are liquids on the floor, microfiber can clean the area without leaving streaks behind. This may be an important factor when considering that the liquid can begin to seep into the laminate floor boards. A complete absorption of the liquid may be necessary in order to protect the laminate from becoming warped. Microfiber has that capacity due to the surface coverage of the mop.

Cost Efficiency

Cleaning materials made from microfiber can be simply thrown in the washer in order to maintain. The longevity of these kinds of mops is superior to many other forms such as traditional heads that use small lengths of braided cloth or a sponge. In many situations, the washed microfiber material may be in excellent condition for years to come.

Laminate flooring has potential to look incredible when properly installed. Unfortunately, wear and tear can begin to warp some of the boards after a few years of traffic and spills. Using proper cleaning methods for any floor type can help you extend its lifespan. When it comes to microfiber materials, few cleaning products are equally as versatile.