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How to Keep Your House Spotless between Cleanups

Houses have the annoying habit of getting messy between one major cleanup and another. Keeping order and cleanliness without having to go through the thorough organization and dirt-removal process may seem like a mission impossible but it’s actually a simple task.

You can do several basic things on a daily basis that will give you a chance to enjoy a cozy and beautiful home. It may sound too good to be true but such order happens to be rather easy to achieve.

Do Dishes after Every Meal

Yep, we’re all guilty of waiting for the dirty dishes to start spilling out of the kitchen sink before doing something about it. Don’t wait for the dirty dishes to overtake the counter before you get to wash them.

You may feel too tired to wash the dishes right after having a meal but if you think about it, this is the step that will make the most sense. Before food dries up on the dishes, you’ll need just a couple of minutes to get them cleaned. Old dishes that have had food drying up on them for days…

How To Organize Your Small Bathroom

Other bathroom items are better hidden away out of sight. The interiors of built-in cabinets can be customized to enable bulky items to be stored along with smaller items. Freestanding units provide a flexible solution for things that you want kept concealed and dry, since they can be positioned at the most useful location with the room.

Wall-hung cabinets are another option, particularly if they can be locked to keep cleaning products and medicines out of the reach of children, while a cabinet with a mirrored front makes a separate mirror unnecessary. Other wall-mounted fittings, such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes, help to keep the basin clutter free, while showers can be fitted with racks for soaps, sponges, and shampoos.

The plumbing usually determines the basic plan of a bathroom, leaving little flexibility in the overall design. If you are renovating a small bathroom, consider concealing the tank and plumbing behind a false wall fitted with concealed cabinets or recessed…

Protect Your Gutter, Siding, Patio and Deck

So you want to get the best price on your house when selling it? The key is to stage it correctly and in such a way that it entices buyers when they look at it. You should make your rooms look and feel spacious and make them appeal to a range of potential buyers. The only problem now is getting them inside. This is when upping your curb appeal is a good idea. Here are a few tips for improving the exterior of your house with some outdoor staging.

Take care of the yard

Well-tended foliage acts as a beautiful frame for your home. Mow the front and back yards regularly and keep the trees and bushes pruned. Remove any trash, children's toys, gardening tools, and other unsightly objects that may clutter up the view. For much-needed color, add flowers that are in season so it borders your property.

​​Make visible repairs

You may have gotten used to the missing shingles on your roof, the torn screen on the kitchen window, or the crack on the wall under the eaves. But these are the first t…

Run Your Business More Safely

Commercial enterprise and security systems go hand in hand. Businesses in different industries require specialized security components and features. For instance, a retail business should have a cash drop safe that is inaccessible to employees and contract workers to deter theft. Jewelry businesses or others in need of valuable goods storage should consider reinforced entry point security. Windows should be secured and burglary prevention controls should be installed.

Basic Commercial Security Controls

Most businesses have a simple access control system. This type of security system uses a password panel along with motion detection sensors to protect the business from unauthorized access to the facility after-hours. Basic access controls may link to remote monitors that alert private security or police when commercial alarm systems transmit the appropriate signal. PLE Group is an example of a diversified security systems provider.

Security Systems

Management and staff should receive p…

Try an Alternate Flooring Material

Relatively new to the flooring world are sustainable cork and bamboo. Cork flooring can be installed in much the same way as laminate and can be manufactured in a variety of colors and appearances, including a natural cork appearance. It can even be made to look like stone or tile. Because cork is giving and flexible, it can be installed on floors that aren't completely level, making it particularly useful in older homes where portions of the floor may have already settled.

When choosing cork flooring, check to see that it's formaldehyde-free and that any varnish is water-based. Bamboo is actually a grass that grows like a weed. The majority of bamboo is grown in China and India, so the environmental impacts from shipping can offset the benefits of using this type of flooring. When manufactured for durable flooring, bamboo maintains the appearance of hardwood, but it can be tinted different colors. Because it is wood, bamboo requires sealants and protective waxes with little o…

5 Benefits to Using Microfiber on Laminate Flooring

Microfiber has grown into a global product with a variety of uses. Not only do many people consider it a superior material for blankets and towels, there are also a lot of benefits to using it as a cleaning solution. When it comes to laminate flooring, not many products can be used without indirectly causing damage. Microfiber may be an effective alternative when cleaning this type of flooring.

Wet or Dry Mopping

Some types of laminate flooring have dry-mop requirements. This means you can't splash water on the surface as you can with other floor types. Microfiber mops can be used to efficiently clean a surface regardless if you use a lot of water or not. There is more contact on the surface of a floor due to how microfiber is manufactured. Many small follicles are utilized in order to pick up as much debris as possible as a wet or dry mop.

Static Cleaning

Microfiber has been found to be incredibly efficient as a way to pick up dust, pet hair, dirt and other debris found on a lami…

Walk-in Closet in the Bedrooms

Who doesn't remember the pleading of long-suffering parents to clean up your room when, as adolescents, mess was a bid for freedom and self-expression. Older and wiser, we now recognize that a bedroom benefits from an atmosphere of tranquility and calm and that it is difficult to sleep surrounded by an unruly din of possessions. Waking up in a clutter-free environment starts the day on the right foot.

You may be fortunate enough to have walk-in closets in your bedroom, in which case any extra storage can be provided by chests of drawers and the like. But in an older house, the closet space may be inadequate. The easy solution here is an armoire. Attractive ones can often be found in antique stores and in flea markets. But these tend to be awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture, difficult to maneuver in and out of rooms.

Tips Regarding Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are one of the most sensible options when you need to add a border of some kind to your yard. This type of fencing has a number of benefits. A privacy fence adds shelter and security to your outdoor space, while keeping unwanted critters out or even keeping your precious pets within your property line. In addition, you can put up a fence to mark your property line and to cut down on noise or wind. Your new fence will likely increase your home's resale value and can be quite attractive. Keep these tips in mind when planning your fence installation in order to do the job right, as well as to save you time and frustration.

Check Zoning Restrictions

First and foremost, you absolutely must check with the zoning commission or housing association, whichever is most applicable to your situation, in order to determine zoning codes for your area. There are probably guidelines you must follow when it comes to adding this type of structure to your property. There may be height …

Ilumina Estate, Communal,Buhangin,Davao City

Name of Subdivision: Illumina Estate Subdivision
Address: Comunal, Buhangin Davao City
Available for Sale: Lot Only and House and Lot Package

House Specifications:
Roof Framing : Steel Trusses
Roof : Colored Roof
Ceiling : 5mm Plywood With 10mm Aluminum Heat Insulation
Walls : Cast-In-Place Concrete Wall System
Toilet And Bath : Tiled Up To Ceiling (Flush Type Water Closet with Pedestal Lavatory )
Flooring : Polished Granite
Porch : Ceramic Tiles
Doors : Panel Main Door With Auto Finished Paint
Kitchen : Granite Kitchen Counter With Hanging Cabinets
Windows : Steel Casement French Windows With Grills
Main Gate : Steel Gate With Exquisite Design
Garage : Concrete With Design
Landscaping : All Soils Covered With Grass And Plants With Decorative Stones
Perimeter Fence : Concrete With Decorative Grills At The Front
Other Features : Ready Lines For Tv/Cable And Telephone

Free site tripping. Contact #: +63 921 235 3722

Save Energy When Heating and Cooling

Two of the biggest energy sinks in any home are the heating and cooling systems. However, there is always the completely organic solution for shading your house, planting a tree, or ask Columbus heating and cooling to install and maintain more efficient and use less energy system. They also accept repair on all brands of furnaces, either gas or electric, heat pumps and air-conditioners. Selecting the correct size system for your living space and choosing an efficient model are two crucial ways to save energy. You can save energy by cleaning filters, checking ducts for leaks, and installing programmable thermostats to adjust the times the house is heated and cooled throughout the day.

But if you could plant a tree in your yard, it could help you save your money too, because trees provide nature-made solar protection. Some trees are particularly useful in blocking the sun because of their height and shape. Some trees grow faster than others, so if time is of the essence when it comes …


Some events happen once in a lifetime, others once a year. No matter what the frequency, a little advance planning can make a big difference in how much you enjoy the event, and how enjoyable it is for your wallet.

There are so many ways that weddings, parties, and other events can be done more affordably. The events you have time to plan are the ones that provide the best opportunity to save money. They are also the ones that can get us in the most trouble, because of the endless options. You reach just a little farther and deeper into your wallet. If you include using your own home entertainment for the event, you have plenty of time checking your unit. If there is something missing like musical accessories, go to Take a step back as you plan an event, and think about what you remember most and enjoyed most about special functions you attended. Very likely it was the people you got to be with and the event itself, not every tiny detail. Keep that in…

Include avocado to your diet

I have learned something new today that people who ate avocado in their salad of lettuce, spinach, and carrots absorbed up to 15 times more carotenoids than those who didn’t eat their salad with avocado. Carotenoids reduce free radical damage to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Carotenoids require some fat, and avocados contain solid stores of healthful monounsaturated fats, which is why adding half of an avocado into your next green salad would definitely protect your skin from harmful effects of UV rays.

Modern Bathroom - A Tranquil Haven

Invest in a heated towel rail and the fluffiest towels, softest robe and coziest slippers you can find. Always make sure that the room is warm before you take your bath. Purists who want the sensuality of wood or tiles under their feet do not have to compromise on comfort, you can always rip up the bathroom floor and install underfloor heating. Buy an extra-large shower head and have it fitted into the ceiling directly above your head (unless the ceiling is very high, in which case the water may cool too much before it reaches you).

Decorate the room with beautiful designed fittings and finishes. Enameled glass paneling is available that can be used instead of tiles on the floor and walls. Both mirrors and glass reflect light and create an illusion of space.

Tidy as much unsightly clutter away as possible and then make a feature of exquisitely designed body care products, jars of natural soaps, rows of simple glass bottles and utilitarian metal tins of bath salts. Chrome or plastic h…

5 Decorative Gift Ideas

Do you dread the thought of buying gifts for people? Fear builds as you think to yourself: what if they already have it? What if they don’t like it? How much is reasonable to spend? If you find yourself asking these sort of questions, it may be time to break the mould and get them something that is completely different. Often the gifts that are the most unique are the ones that make the biggest impression. Have you thought of a more decorative piece that can go somewhere in their house? Here are some ideas to consider.

Get creativeSometimes the best gifts are the ones that have a personal touch. Many people find that home-made gifts are the most special and hold more significance. If you have to give a gift, why not make it yourself? Making a gift can either go extremely well, or horribly wrong, but the best part is that ‘it’s the thought that counts!’ Think hard about the person you are gifting and consider their likes; would they appreciate a thoughtful hand-made gift over something…

Choosing a Home Security System

More than 3.7 million homes are robbed each year. If you want to avoid joining this statistic, you'll need to invest in a high-quality home security system in order to protect yourself and your valuables. Consider this a quick guide to finding and choosing the alarm that's right for you.

Functions and Features

There are many components to a home alarm system, including:

- Battery
- Siren
- Sensors
- Keypad

All come with an array of buttons, settings and adjustable options, so if you have a preference for anything in particular, you'll probably want to narrow your search by that criteria. For example, if you don't feel like dealing with a keypad at all, you'll need to look at wireless alarms.

Security Alerts

What happens when someone does break in? How will your alarm respond? If you're connected to a real-time home monitoring company, they might contact the authorities on your behalf or at least give you a call to make sure you're okay. Other, more basic al…

Why am I dumber than a 6-year-old when it comes to working with the internet?

The answer is: You're not. Children aren't smarter when it comes to technology than you do. Children have two advantages over adults when it comes to using computers. First, they grew up with computers. A 6-year-old has never known a world without Web addresses and browsers and laptops. Navigating the Internet seems as natural to her as finding her wary around a playground. Think back to something that you knew as a child but your parents didn't. You probably seemed like a whiz kid to them, too.

Second, kids are not afraid of breaking things, including computers. You, on the other hand, probably view a computer as a complicated machine, and an investment of several thousand pesos. You tremble with the thought that pressing a wrong button could send that money up in a wisp of cybersmoke. Once you realize that it is practically impossible to actually break a computer by typing on your keyboard or clicking your mouse, you'll lose your fear and feel confident enough to pla…

Amiya Resort Residences

This is where you'd want to live.

Amiya Resort Residences is a Thia-themed community located at Libby Road, Puan Davao City. The grandest subdivision that will give you thousands of reasons why do you have to live here in the city where life truly is along with our nature friendly house models.

A getaway becomes complete when relaxation is achieved. Here at Amiya, health and wellness amenities are available, along with gardens that soothe and calm the senses.

House Models are designed by nature. So, choose healthy lifestyle and our eco-friendly houses.
Amiya House Models. To all lot owners you may choose our house model designs for you to have a convenient and hassle free housing construction.

Free site tripping everyday.  If interested, pls contact on these numbers: +639989526914 (Smart), and +639166653253 (Globe)

Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks are not just a nuisance. They can be dangerous to your health. They carry Lyme disease and other illnesses that can be serious. The best protection from ticks in your backyard is to eliminate them with professional tick control methods. There are several different ways to control ticks, and you can customize a solution for your unique backyard.

What are Tick Tubes?

Ticks usually get their first meal from mice. They are hatched in the nests, feed on the mice and move on. Mice make their nests by gathering material from the locality, and they especially like soft material, such as tender grass and fluff. Tick tubes take advantage of this habit to remove ticks from the area. The biodegradable tubes are filled with soft cotton that is saturated with an insecticide. The mice take the cotton to build their nests and the ticks are exposed to the treated cotton. This effectively eliminates the pest. A professional pest control company will determine the number and placement of the tubes…

Built-in Storage or Freestanding Storage

Yes, I was planning to built a storage for my son's bedroom. His room is not big, and I am not sure on how to get the most out of his space. His bedroom function also as a study room, that is why I wanted to make a storage for his books and other school stuffs. I was thinking a built-in storage is better and more efficient than freestanding. However, freestanding is infinitely more flexible and can easily be relocated, removed or supplemented with other pieces.

Smart storage is not about being obsessive or controlling, about keeping your drawers filed regimentally. It is about making intelligent use of space to free yourself from all that constant searching: from sifting shelves of turtle necks to get a bikini; from wading through piles of papers just to find an address. We are all time-hungry, and sorted storage buys us time. Our home won't just work better, it will look better, too. There will always be room for a little picturesque clutter, just don't it's victim. …

Because Nikes Never Go Out of Style

Whether you are shopping for back to school or it's just time to treat yourself to the perfect pair of sneakers, turn to Air Drizzy Kicks for a wide selection of sneakers, especially your favorites when it comes to all things related to Nikes. If you are looking for vintage Nikes, the Nike Air Huarache Run, Nike Foamposites, and more, you've come to the right place. Go retro or look for the latest trend. Air Drizzy Kicks has the sneakers waiting for you.

Shopping for Nikes Has Never Been Easier

When you go to Air Drizzy Kicks, the best part is you don't actually have to go anywhere. As long as you have a mobile device or a computer, you can shop until you drop. Whether you are sitting in the comfort of home, on your lunch break at work, or taking the train at the end of the day, you can view Air Drizzy Kicks' selection of Nikes and more. You don't have to wait in line or fight the crowds. You don't have to hunt for the store that has the pair of sneakers that y…

Traditional vs. Trendy: Are New Spa Experiences a Threat to Established Spas?

Planning and running a spa is an expensive endeavor, but since most people have always spent their away-from-home leisure time at a facility of some kind, spa owners have always had to bear the cost of operating the facility. Spa supplies, staff, and maintenance costs including steam sauna parts are just some of the basic things a spa operator could expect to pay for.

However, thanks to new ideas and advents in technology, companies are offering similar relaxation experiences to the public in creative, less-expensive ways. They then pass the lower expense on to their customers, creating reasonable competition for traditional spas. For example, some nail salons offer treatments found in spas such as steam facials, waxing, and even massages. Also, non-spa hotels now offer spa retreats where they bring in service providers to provide classes and treatments, all without putting in the full investment to start and run a spa operation.

Temporary "pop up" spa-like operations are al…