Saturday, August 8, 2015

Stop a door from sticking.

Finally, the sticking door has been fixed by my uncle. It has been a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that the bedroom door won't close easily. You have to either pulled hard or push hard. So I was asking my uncle who is a carpenter to fix my door, but he was busy with work, so I had to wait until he is free from work.

And yesterday, he came over with his carpentry tools. I was happy when he told me that he would fix my door. He asked what was the problem with the door, and I told him that it stuck. He afterwards checked the hinges, and then the door jamb and door frame. The door jamb and frame have no problems. It was the hinges had problems. So, he asked me to buy new hinges at the nearby hardware. When I came back, he told me that the wood could no longer hold the screw tightly. So, he removed the door, and he made a new place for the hinges. It took for him over an hour to finish the door. Now my door is perfectly doing well. Thanks to my uncle.