Friday, August 7, 2015

Kitchen Designs

I have a small kitchen in our home, and I am not happy for it. I have a vacant lot just across to our house, and I am planning to build a house there in the future. My mother wants me to build an apartment type on that lot and make it as a business. Her plan is good, but I need to work for it first because I have no budget for this yet. However, if I will build a house for me there, and Jason, my eldest son will stay in this house where we live right now, I will see to it that I have a big kitchen to my new house. On my free time, I searched for a kitchen design here on the net, and I found these beautiful kitchens. I only posted three kitchen designs but actually the site has plenty of it. I wish I could have a kitchen like on the photos below.

I like the cabinet's design.
This is so a feminine or girly look.

I love the black countertop.
Images were taken from here.