Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Things To Look For In An HVAC Repair Company

The time will come when you will need to call an HVAC service technician to take care of your home's heating or cooling system and you want to choose the right company for the job. When you are in need of HVAC service, you should take the time to contact a professional and reputable organization such as Eastern Tech. To help you find the perfect repair company, we offer these six things to look for in the right HVAC maintenance organization.

Qualified Technicians

A reputable organization is going to list right on its website what certifications its technicians have and what manufacturer equipment the company is licensed to repair and maintain. Avoid calling on a company that tries to hide its certifications, or will not share what manufacturers it is familiar with over the phone.

Free Estimates

A good consumer collects a few estimates on a heating or cooling system before making a decision. Always be sure that the HVAC companies you are dealing with offer free estimates to help you in the decision making process.

Wide Service Area

An HVAC company that offers a very limited service area lacks the certified technicians and equipment to offer reliable repairs and maintenance work. When you are hunting for a good company to come out and take a look at your heating and cooling system, make sure you are doing business with companies that have the resources to take care of whatever problem you may have by dealing only with organizations that cover a large service area.

Work Guarantee

You should never rely on an HVAC service company that does not guarantee its work. A reputable company will put its service guarantee right on its website and the technician will be more than happy to leave you a copy of the guarantee in writing.

Licensed And Insured

Most contractors need to be licensed to do business and every contractor needs to be insured to protect itself and the customer. Before you accept a quote from an HVAC repair company, insist on seeing the company's contractor license and a copy of the company's insurance coverage.

You should never compromise when it comes to getting your home's HVAC system repaired, maintained, or replaced. You should insist on doing business with a reputable company that has certified technicians and is prepared to stand behind the work it does with a written quality guarantee.