Monday, August 24, 2015

30th Kadayawan Festival

Only last week, our place celebrated the 30th Kadayawan Festival. It is celebrated annually, and the celebration will last for a week. And the highlights of the said celebration are on the weekends. There will be parades on Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Saturday, it was the dancing in the street with the used of the tribe's musical instrument like gongs and drums that were made from the tribe they were representing. Participants came from different public schools in Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental. There will be a competition, so each group, not less than 30 people each group, must be creative on their costumes, especially their dance steps and props.

On Sunday, there will be a floral and fruit's parade. Participants came from business establishments either big or small business. This is again a competition, so each participant must also be creative on their float. Anyhow, I have shared photos below from the parade on Saturday. On my next post, I will share photos from the floral parade.