Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Eat More When I'm Out with Friends

Food and friends go together. And when you add alcohol to the mix, things can get even more out of control. Just as alcohol lowers social inhibitions, it also lowers inhibitions with food. Eating at restaurants and going to dinner parties are inherently social activities. Whether you're a guest, a host or just one of the gang, when you're in social situation, it's easy to overeat.

Strategy: Eating with friends is definitely hard. Most people tend to over-order or cook too much. In fact, researchers found that when people eat with one companion, they consume 28 percent more than if they are were dining alone. When they eat with two companions, they consume 41 percent more and when they eat with six or more companions, their consumption increase by whopping 76 percent. And you're at even greater risk of overeating when alcoholic beverages are part of the festivities, since alcohol stimulates your appetite and lowers your commitment to being smart about food.

Fortunately, smart eating doesn't mean you have to become a hermit. Before going out, verbalize or write down your food intentions. If you're seeing friends who drink and you're prone to eating after you've had a couple, promise yourself that you'll have only one drink. Do drink plenty of water or soda water, though, since it will help fill you up and hydrate you.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tips for Securing Your Small Business Against Burglary and Theft

As the proprietor of a small business, there are several potential risks you may face. Among them is a burglary and it can severely affect the stability and survival of your business. Burglary is an act of gaining entry into a building with the intention of committing a crime. According to the FBI, one burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the United States. Here are several tips to protect your business against burglary.

1. Locks and Padlocks

All locks on outside entrances and inner security doors need to have double-cylinder deadbolts and removable collars. The deadbolts need to have at least a one-inch throw made of hardened steel and protected by a latch guard. Your padlocks also should be made of reinforced steel.

2. Doors

Outside and security doors need to be solidly constructed, lined with metal, and secured using heavy metal crossbars. The door jambs should be stable, and exposed hinges should be protected from removal by pinning them.

3. Windows

Your windows should have secure locks. It is recommended to use burglar-resistant glass treatment such as installing a polyester security film. This should be combined with a glass break sensor alarm. Extremely vulnerable windows such as the rear windows should be fitted with metal grates.

4. Lights

Your lights should provide maximum visibility both outside and inside the premises. The outside lights should be fitted with vandal-proof covers, including their power sources. The entire perimeter should be well lit, more so at the doors and other possible entries.

5. Alarm system

Your alarm system should be supplied and installed by a registered alarm system company and must have a central monitoring station. You also need to check your alarm system daily. As a real self-defense, place the alarm company’s sticker around the premises to advertise its presence. Doing this will deter potential burglars.

6. Safe

Your safe should be burglar resistant and fireproof. It should be securely anchored and in plain view. Your safe should be left open when empty, and should be used to lock up valuable items at the closure of the business. Again, change the combination codes when someone with access is relieved of his or her employment.

The security of your business is vital to the growth of your company. And as a small business, you need to protect it from theft and burglary by installing an alarm, then employing the services of a reputable alarm system monitoring company such as Alarmrelay.com.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

When They were Little

I love looking on this picture of my nephew and niece. They were having fun in the sand. The big brother who wasn't in the picture dug a hole on the sand. Jaja, the little sister, laid to the hole. As if she was like buried alive. She wasn't scared when the big brother put the sand to her body little by little. She actually kept on laughing with it. But when the big brother asked the little brother to lay down on the sand, he was so scared. Lol.

And these little kids are big kids now. They are both in graders. I have not seen them for a year now because their family moved far from us. I wish I could have time to visit them one day, or I wish they could visit us if their mother is free at work.