Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 5 Grown-up Party Ideas

Growing up doesn't mean you can't be young at heart and when it comes to parties, what better occasion is there to embrace your inner kid? If you're looking to spice up your social life and host a party that will have everyone excited for weeks in advance and discussing the event for weeks after its finished, here are the top 5 grown-up party ideas.

Event party

Nothing gets people in the mood quite like a special event. For a significant birthday,have guests dress in the fashion of the year the person was born. You can complete the theme with food from that year, a few decorations and music.

Or just pick a special event and frock up. It could be a formal party on New Year’s Eve, a race attire party for race day or a costume party for Oktoberfest. Good costume hire shops such as Disguises will have a host of options that will see your guests spoiled for character choice. You can learn more here

Another great event party is the Murder Mystery theme that sets out a scenario and that has people dress in character and come together for an evening of super-sleuthing fun as you try to solve a fictional murder.

Literary party

Combine a little maturity with a whole lot of dress-ups by hosting a literary themed party. You can base your event on one book such as The Great Gatsby and enjoy an evening of opulence and 1920s style, complete with flapper dresses for the ladies and full tails for the gents.

Or ask your guests to attend as their favourite literary figure and gain a little insight into what makes your friends tick. It will prove a fascinating evening that may see your guest list include everyone from Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice style, to Macbeth.

Cocktail party

There are few excuses in life to really frock up, so why not host a formal cocktail party, inviting all your friends to don their very best formal wear?

For a retro feel, invite them to wear their school formal suits and dresses, or have a party that sees the girls come in their best bridesmaid's attire. The gents can join in the fun by wearing their best suit too.

Letter party

Pick a letter of the alphabet and go to town with a letter themed party where everyone must dress as something starting with a letter and every food served and song played also has to start with that letter too.

Alter ego

Open a window into the minds of your friends and have everyone attend a party as their alter-ego. This should see everyone from Scarlett O'Hara to Sherlock Holmes mingling for an evening of entertaining banter.

The great thing about hosting an adult party involving dress-ups and themes is that initial inhibitions can often go straight out the window, meaning your party is likely to get off to a memorable start and be the talk of your social circle in the weeks and even years that follow.