Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Dual Immersion Difference

Immersion learning is one of the best ways for children to learn a foreign language. The earlier children learn a language, the better their proficiency later in life. Children who become bilingual will have far more opportunities in life than children who speak one language.

How Does Immersion Work?

When kids take immersion language lessons, they take lessons in their core subjects in the language their parents want them to learn. However, they also take lessons in English to help ensure full mastery of English. Children who use immersion methods for learning a foreign language will enjoy better proficiency when they must use the other language outside of school.

How Do These Programs Help the Youngest Kids?

Immersion language lessons for younger kids are activity-based. This method helps keep the curriculum more engaging for younger children with shorter attention spans. Another advantage of this learning method is the fact that children develop a greater degree of independent thinking skills.

What Types of Subjects Do Children Take?

In addition to core subjects in both languages like math and language arts, they will also learn additional subjects to ensure success. Technology classes help kids learn important skills while helping them master their chosen language. Music classes provide an additional way of learning that helps children keep their interest in the classes.

A dual immersion school is a great way to expand your child's learning capabilities. They will have a lot of fun during their lessons. You will be proud of what your child achieves in this setting.