Friday, April 3, 2015

How to Stop Buying Junk Food

I have been trying to stop buying junk food for a couple of weeks now. I was at the grocery shopping yesterday, and I was tempted to go to the snack food aisle, but I managed to control myself not to buy any junk food. Whenever we watched our favorite TV program at night, we always had snacks like cookies, chips, sometimes our local chocolates. We enjoyed doing this every night. The reason why I decided to stop buying these foods, my youngest son won’t stop eating this until it is all gone. The worst part is, he ate a little if he had this before meal time. I know that junk food is unhealthy food, and it is not really good, especially for the kids. So, I am trying my best that I won’t be tempted to pick up this junk food at the grocery shopping store again. If you have suggestions on how to stop buying junk food, it will be much appreciated.