Thursday, April 30, 2015

Healthy Cheese for Your Family

To be honest, I have never tried to buy a parmesan cheese at the grocery store for it cost me a lot. For an ordinary cheese that I usually bought, I could buy four boxes of Eden cheese for the price of one bar of parmesan cheese. So, as a mom who tries to save money, I would rather pick up the Eden or Kraft cheese on the shelf than the parmesan cheese.

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However, do you know that parmesan cheese is good for strengthening our bones? When we get older, at the early age of 20s, our bones started to breakdown than build up, hence our bone becomes thinner.

To have strong bones, we need to store calcium in our bones, and the parmesan cheese is one of the best for it contain 340 mg. of calcium per ounce compared to the ordinary cheese that I usually bought. Yogurt and nonfat milk are a great help too. So, to avoid osteoporosis, include parmesan cheese on your diet, plus drink nonfat milk and yogurt everyday.