Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bathing and Body Care

Far more than simply being the room in which you wash yourself, the bathroom is the ultimate sanctuary, a place where you can pamper yourself, blissfully cocooned away from the crazy rush of the world outside.

Bathing can be pure hedonism, with its ritualistic pleasures of creamy soaps, exfoliating sponges, nourishing oils and therapeutic essences. Soaking in a hot, fragranced bath may be one of the few chances you have to indulge in private time. It stills the mind, and then allows you to dream a little. How many of us make our grandest plans lying in our bathtubs?

Water has been called the greatest of all healers and throughout history it has been used for religious purification. Today, washing is still very much associated with a renewed sense of self. We bathe to rinse away our stress and tension, and to cleanse the mind, body and spirit of negative feelings and emotions. Some experts believe that we find suspending ourselves in water so therapeutic because it returns us to our prehistoric past when we were all creatures of the sea, as well as returning us to the womb.

Your bathroom is very much a testament to your individual taste and style. If you are a minimalist, it may be an urban, creamy marble haven, with chic mirrored cabinets and inviting, concealed lighting. Apure romantic may prefer a vibrant Mediterranean-style setting, with richly hued handmade tiles, aqua-blue painted walls and a huge freestanding bath.

Interior designers employ canny techniques to ensure that contemporary domestic bathrooms are every bit as luxurious as those found in the finest hotels. Some of these principles can be adopted on a small scale at home to help you create a comfortable, peaceful bath time setting.