Saturday, March 7, 2015

Work out at Home

I have been doing some exercise at home lately, and I feel great. I am not aiming for a sexy look or to get slim. I just want to have a healthy heart. For the past few weeks, I had this short breathing whenever I work heavy. I haven’t tried to visit a doctor yet, but I am sure there is nothing to do with my heart. It is just because I am lack of exercise. So, for a couple of days now, I started doing some exercise at home. I have found online the simple and easiest way to do a workout at home. You only need a ball, about a size of a soccer ball, but a lighter one, a bath towel, a chair on wheels, and some of your favorite dance music. But I don’t have yet this ball, so I guess I will look for it one of these days at the sports and fitness store at the mall. The video is so simple to follow so I really want to try it.

photo not mine....